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Marcus is the CEO of Notified and an extremely successful entrepreneur. He also has vast knowledge and experience in product development, online marketing, and SaaS.

Sparkle helps EVRY connect their employees

Sparkles Enable EVRY To Connect their employees and offices around the world Achieve a more dynamic homepage and highlight inter-regional communication Save time through automating internal news feed update               [...]

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Sparkle now tracks clicks, user interactions and CTA performance

Today we released a big update, especially for the analytics section of Sparkle. We now track your user interactions on the published Sparkles. By tracking these interactions, our customers can now see the direct effect of Sparkle on [...]

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Turning your live audience into a massive digital marketing force

Background How do you turn your live audience into a massive digital marketing force? NRJ Star Night is one of the largest music events taking place in Switzerland. Over 15 international and national acts inspire around [...]

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3 reasons why Workplace by Facebook will become huge

Yesterday Facebook finally released their new Slack competitor, Workplace. The project has been in a closed beta for almost 2 years now and the buzz from the companies in this closed beta has been huge. We’ve [...]

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Workplace by Facebook to be finally released!

As reported by Techcrunch, Workplace by Facebook, after spending a long time in an exclusive beta version, will be released to the public in the next few weeks. Additionally, many of our customers have been lavishly praising the platform. [...]

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Some new features for you

Hi all! After some busy weeks of development, we have some new features and improvements for you. Toggle popup We've had some requests from clients who during events want to highlight certain posts in front of [...]

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New features & plans

Hi there, We hope you've enjoyed your summer! We've been hard at work and are happy to announce a HUGE update. Here we go! Map themes Our new map themes let's you visualize content in a [...]

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Introducing Our New Location Based Search Function

Using Sparkle to collect posts using certain hashtags is a great way to capture fresh and engaging user generated content for your marketing. But what we've experienced from our works with clients is that sometimes you miss [...]

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Rights management is here!

User Generated Content (UGC) in marketing is more relevant now than ever. It’s a key ingredient in your marketing mix in order to convey that authenticity that consumers crave today and in order to gain a [...]

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Snapchat for business – how you could use it and why it works

When Snapchat was first released five years ago, a lot of people dismissed it as a passing fad. However, with almost 200 million users, it has definitely proved itself to be anything but the flavor of [...]

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