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Social media news you need to know: The best of 2017

2017 is now coming to an end. And with every end of the year, we bring things to a close before looking forward. Therefore, let us recap some of the biggest social media news that [...]

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November’s must-know social media news for businesses

As November comes to an end, it's time to give yourself a good pat on the back. On top of the everyday marketing work, there's also the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing opportunities and strategising [...]

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3 Powerful Ways You and Top Universities Can Boost Student Recruitment

With more millennials heading to college today, higher learning education institutions have dialed up their marketing strategies. Combined with the growing number of universities, it is now more important than ever to stand out. How do you as a university [...]

Hall-OCT-ween Social Media Updates👻

Trick or treat in the spirit of Halloween? You are definitely in a treat with a wrap up of this October's social media updates. The festive spirits definitely did not affect the social media giant's [...]

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