Facebook‘s awaited redesign was released last week and it has gotten many of us buzzing, TechCrunch being one of the many! Facebook has come a long way since 2004 and has made some of their biggest changes over the years.

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Facebook Redesign Components

Back to Facebook, it is looking much like a mixture of the different leading social media platforms and messaging applications. Here were the changes that they made:

  1. Conversations And Comment Bubbles
  2. Social Buttons Design And Positioning
  3. Improved Readability
  4. Better Navigation

Conversation And Comment Bubblesfacebook-redesign-2

Switching out the simple design of separating comments with a thin border, Facebook now uses bubbles(!) which replicate messaging applications such as Whatsapp. Facebook says that this makes it “easier to see which comments are direct replies to another person”. Hopefully, this encourages conversations on one another’s feed! It also makes the screen seem much more 3D / less flat looking. What do you think?

There have been some reviews that think they look cluttered and less easy on the eyes. And, as far as Facebook has communicated, they are only testing these chat bubbles on a “small percentage” of users.

Social Buttons And Improved Readabilityfacebook redesign 1

With the Like, Comment and Share icons shifted down below posts and no longer filled in that dark shade of gray,  we definitely feel that it gives the interface a much cleaner and undisrupted look. You can also see that Facebook has changed also circularised our profile icon. It’s a nice change with a small aesthetical impact. The increased contrast does seem to make it much easier on the eyes if you are scrolling through your newsfeed for long periods of time.

Some of Facebook screens have also done away with the blue headers. While it makes the screen look somewhat monotonous, it definitely rides along with the simplistic vibe which is a thumbs up? from me!

Better Navigationfacebook redesign 3

Facebook claims that with the redesign, users will be able to navigate through the app easier and more consistently. This entails a more prominent back button, the ability to view whose post you are engaging on, as well as to better view the link to be clicked, preventing click bait traps.

Have you experienced the new Facebook look? Let us know in the comments down below! Meanwhile, stay in tune for our upcoming post which we will be sharing on the partnership with Workplace by Facebook.

Source and picture credits from Facebook newsroom