Yesterday Facebook finally released their new Slack competitor, Workplace. The project has been in a closed beta for almost 2 years now and the buzz from the companies in this closed beta has been huge. We’ve had numerous conversations with our customers about the Workplace by Facebook platform (while still in beta) and they have lavished praise over it.

We’ve dug into the system and will here list the main 3 reasons why Workplace (by Facebook) will become huge.

  • It makes employees communicate more – a lot more. The simple to use interface, the power of having all conversations and projects at the same place does wonders to the internal communication. Many corporations struggle with keeping track where communication took place, it has become an overwhelming task to keep track of tangled email threads, Skype conversations, text messages, and various other places.


  • People love to use Facebook. They are used to the interface, used to the way it works and maybe foremost – Facebook has astonishing possibilities when possessing a user base of 1.7 billion users.


  • It is accessible anywhere, anytime. This should not be underestimated, more and more of the webpage views are going mobile and a recent study by a customer showed that 50% of all logins on Workplace are made on mobile units.


While the mobile usage is high, many corporations are now also looking for ways to display content in their workplace groups on other touch points, such as the intranet or displays in the lobby, which we at Sparkle already has made possible. This integration is as seamless as other content sources and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Interested in trying it out? Sign up for a free demo of Sparkle here