We have already released the news in the end of last year but this calls for a proper post as a reminder: We are proud to say that Sparkle has been selected into MarTech Advisor´s GreenZone for Content Marketing Platforms as “Best Fit Content Marketing Software for SMBs“!

Out of the 40 qualified vendors on the list “Fit for SMBs”, only the highest scoring ones are qualified to the GreenZone and thereby rated “Best-Fit Content Marketing Software for SMBs”. Each software is scored on feature ratings, pricing, segment focus and software deployment. Sparkle‘s score proves it to be the perfect solution to collect, curate and embed content created across the web to further create memorable visual experiences on multiple digital touch points. Use Sparkle to get measurably higher conversions, reach and social media interactions.

 Best-Fit Content Marketing Software


MarTech Advisor strives to provide impartial news, industry research, software recommendations, and aggregated job opportunities for Marketing professionals. In the eBook “Content Marketing: A Buyer’s Guide For SMBs” MTA aims to help marketers find the best fit vendor for their needs together with giving knowledge to form a content marketing strategy.

With our ranking Top 10 Best Content Marketing Software revealed last week, we are honored as to our customer satisfaction levels and happy to help you to try out Sparkle for your own content marketing. To do so: sign-up below for a 14-days free trial.

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