Delivered right on time, take a look at our June social media summary before you leave for your summer break! This month, we have put together 5 important June social media updates which you need to know!

List of June Social Media Updates

Facebook – Facebook’s Custom Audience Targeting Disclosure
Instagram – Shoppable Posts, Shoppable Stories. What’s Next?
Instagram – Bringing TV back via Instagram
LinkedIn – Time for LinkedIn to Hit The Carousel
Twitter – Twitter Redesigns for more “here and now”

1. Facebook’s Custom Audience Targeting Disclosure

To create a custom audience via a file upload, you/your advertisers will now be required to disclose how the audience’s information was gathered. There will be 3 options to choose from:

  1. Directly from customers
  2. Directly from partners
  3. Customers and partners

For option 2, you must establish an audience-sharing relationship through Business Manager and agree to Facebook’s Custom Audiences Terms. This applies for outsourcing of advertising jobs to agencies as well.

June social media updates

When users click the “why am I seeing this ad” prompt, the above disclosure that includes how you got their information will be shown to them. This helps users understand how brands are targeting them and report brands that they have not given prior information to.

2. Shoppable Posts, Shoppable Stories. What’s Next?

Instagram is really ramming it up right here. Remember when Instagram announced how users will be able to shop from Instagram posts in March and just last month, allowing users to make payment within the platform itself? Well. Now, you can even do it on Insta Stories too. According to Instagram, 1 in 3 users confessed to being more more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Stories.

Users can tap on the shopping bag icon in a Story’s top right hand corner to reveal additional information on the product. Current brands on board the new feature include Adidas and Louis Vuitton, with more coming soon.

3. Bringing TV back via Instagram

Available through the Instagram app or available as a separate app on App Store and Play Store, IGTV offers long-form videos which goes up against Facebook Watch and YouTube.

These videos will be organised by topic with various video qualities. It is currently Ad free but who knows? Everything gets monetised today.

4. Time for LinkedIn to Hit The Carousel

Carousel Ads have long been available on Facebook, Instagram, and now LinkedIn.

It allows businesses to advertise multiple perspectives and additional details about their brand. Carousel Ads engage your customer with swipeable content, capturing their attention, and encourages clicks.

5. Twitter Redesigns for more “here and now”

Twitter is changing up how users will be receiving their feed updates. With personalisation taking over the world, Twitter is bringing more live news events that users may be interested in through tweets and videos to the top of timelines and push notifications.

Relevant content will be curated into a list and presented to the user with big pictures and texts to encourage the user to tap in. The Explore tab is also being redesigned to section interests such as what is trending now, a For You tab, and specific areas such as News and Sports.

That’s it for our summary of all June social media updates. Sun’s out, peace out!