As November comes to an end, it’s time to give yourself a good pat on the back. On top of the everyday marketing work, there’s also the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing opportunities and strategising of marketing plans for the following year. We don’t blame you for not keeping up with the latest social media news. In fact, we want to help you. That is why we have collated a list of the most crucial changes to our favourite social media platforms that you should know about. Shall we start?


November social media news: Facebook creator app


Now, anyone can be an amazing content creator with Creator, a redeveloped app version of Facebook Mentions which was targeted at public figures, available on Apple app store for now.

Creator packs a punch and is going up directly against video sharing platform giant, YouTube. It is a one-stop platform that helps you with creating video content and cross-posting it on Facebook’s platforms. Customise your Facebook Live videos’ intros and outros and add interactive stickers to capture audience attention and engagement better. Make use of this to send consistent messages that help boost your brand image. After which, maximise outreach by repurposing and sharing it on other Facebook platforms. Creator’s mailbox also aggregates comments from all platforms into a single inbox so that you do not have to switch between multiple applications. Lastly, the app’s valuable inbuilt analytics feature allows you to check your audience metrics as frequently as you want! What is there not to like?

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PollNovember social media news

Had fun experimenting with Instagram’s poll function to ask your followers the funniest questions ever? Good news for you because now, you can engage your Facebook fans the same way. Create polls to engage and revive ghost followers! Having a poll is a great way to gather feedback from your fans. My favorite feature is that I can upload photos and gifs to it, making it much brighter and cheerful. Thumbs up to Facebook for creating such a simple and easy way to help us boost interactions.

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Messenger plugin

November social media news

Most of us have integrated our business webpage with a customer support and chat plugin. If you are thinking of switching to a new provider or have yet to integrate one, look out for Messenger’s chat plugin!

The Messenger platform supports advanced features such as payments and chatbots that are able to comprehend natural language. This is especially important in creating a frictionless experience to provide a seamless experience on our website and eventually convert them into paying customers. The plugin is in a closed beta-test with not all features available yet so, keep your eyes peeled!

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Request to go Live with friends for businesses

Instagram Live and Stories has become one of the common tools for businesses to share their everyday happenings in the office with their followers. But now, Instagram has opened it up such that you can create Live videos with others as well through requests. It was possible to create Live chats between you and another individual through invites but, with the new request feature, it opens up more possibilities for interaction. One great application for this feature if you are an avid fan of influencer marketing is that you can leverage on it to highlight both your influencer and yourself at the same time. Once done, you can move on to accept or send request to chat live with other influencers or fans. There are many ways to go around enhancing your marketing strategies to make sure that they eventually rake in maximum ROI.

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Follow hashtags

November social media news

When it comes to Instagram, it’s usually a question of who you follow, rather than what you follow. Well, that is about to take an 180 degrees change. Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow your fans to track or follow not only your posts, but your hashtags as well. The power of hashtags can never be neglected. They link our content to related topics, increasing the chances of it being discovered by potential fans outside of our current reach. With this new feature, you can tie in your posts to ride along the current trends to maximise exposure.

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Native regram

November social media news

Have customers that post great stuff about you on Instagram? Hate using 3rd party applications just to regram them or, find it too troublesome to download the content then upload it to your wall? Imagine not having to do all of that and you can simply post it directly with a tap of a button within the same platform. Sounds good? Well, good news for you because Instagram is testing exactly that right now! Hopefully, this native regram feature will be rolled out soon so that we can finally say goodbye to cumbersome sharing.

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Small business planner

If you are a small and medium business, stepping into marketing totally fresh-faced, Twitter’s small business planner mobile app is just right for you! The mobile application is available on both iOS and Android systems. With advice and guidance pooled together from Twitter for Business, the app is available for free on both Apple and Android app stores. In addition to it being a learning portal, the app has a calendar that can suggest campaign and content ideas for you to leverage on.

There are many resources available online that offers guidance on how each social media channel should be used in order to attain maximum returns. One of such is Online Business Transformation’s “How to use Twitter for Business – The Ultimate Guide 2018”. Their guide contains tips from creating engaging tweets, scheduling, how to get more followers, to tools that increase the efficiency of your social media work! It is a valuable and comprehensive guide that will inspire your Twitter strategies.

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We are looking forward to seeing what new content you will be creating in the near future. Let us know in the comments down below if you have tried any of the updates already and, how it has been for you!