There has been a lot of updates the past month by the different social media channels, with Facebook in the lead. We have made it easy for you and summarized the top ones by Facebook, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn.


1. Watch – their new take on video shows

social media facebook watch

Photo from Facebook Newsroom

The new watch feature is similar to YouTube or Netflix, with community video sharing functions. This means that Facebook Watch will be an opportunity for companies to share videos and connect their audience. Hubspot reports that more than 50% of professional marketers hail video format as the content with the highest ROI. This could be a new avenue for marketers to venture into.

The feature is to start out in the US for a small group of users before an international roll-out.

2. New Analytic Metrics

With so much money being invested in Facebook advertising, we would want to make it count. Facebook has started the release of new metrics such as “Landing page views”. The new metrics can help you get deeper insights to better target your ads and tweak your strategies to maximize conversion. It´s all about raising the ROI.

3. Application Redesign 

If you have not read our blog post already, Facebook, the social media giant, has introduced a few changes to their interface for better readability and navigation. Read what Facebook’s has to say about it here.

 4. 360 Photo capability

Apart from taking 360 view photos, you can now set it as your cover picture. It is available on both iOS and Andriod so that no one gets left behind on such a cool feature. Techcrunch has also shared a feature video and walk-through on the steps on how to make use of it as well as a feature video.

5. Secret Video Chat Device aka Aloha

A new video chat device is in works but, Business Insider reports that Facebook may face some trouble due to privacy issues. However, Facebook intends to market it as a tool to help old people communicate with their families and friends. The device is also a competitor to the Amazon Echo Show. It is estimated to be released in May 2018. Facebook has yet to release an official press release.

6. Spam Protection

Users posting more than 50 times a day may be flagged for spam with the new algorithm. Here is what TechCrunch has to say!


1. LinkedIn Video

The network is following the leads of other social platforms, integrating a “professional” version of YouTube and Facebook Live. Apart from real-time filming, users can now upload their videos and gain insights into their viewers’ behavior! This allows professionals to share details of their work life like never before. By having such a function, it can help with user engagement, media distribution as well as network building. 


1. Verified Business Accounts

Businesses are now verified on WhatsApp Beta Android pilot program. This means having a green tick on their profile. Companies can set their working hours to only take in calls during these timings. Customers can block businesses if they do not want to be contacted. Also, messages between businesses and their customers will also be flagged in yellow and cannot be deleted.

Read Whatsapp’s own text here.

That is it for August! Stay tuned for next month’s social media updates.