Hi there, we hope you’ve enjoyed your summer! The Sparkle team has been hard at work, and is happy to announce a HUGE update – Enhanced Visuals, Analytics, Content Coverage and updated pricing plans for your user-generated content display. Read on to find out more!

Enhanced Visuals – Themes and Screens

We have introduced 2 major changes – new Map Themes and the choice to visualise online or physical display screens. These 2 new options allow you to showcase your user-generated content in attractive ways that were easily overlooked in the past. Enhanced visuals help convey your message to your audience much more effectively.

Map themes

enhanced visuals - animated map

Our new map themes let’s you visualize content in a completely new way! Bring your content to life by showing how the word about your brand, products or campaign spreads across the globe in real time! You can customize every aspect of the look and feel of your map!
Click here to see an example map!

The map theme is available both as a display theme and as a web theme. Available in your account right now, just login to give them a try!

Multiple visualizations

Many of our clients have asked us for a solution that let’s them display one Sparkle in different ways. Most commonly, they’ve wanted one visualization for an event and one for their website – but with the same moderated content. We’re now happy to announce that this is possible!

Using our Multiple visualizations-feature you can now display any Sparkle in multiple different ways. You now get a unique embed code for every visualization you want.

Enhanced Visuals - multiple displays

Just click display and then choose what theme you’d like to get an embed code for!

Get more out of your analytics


We’ve done some major updates to our analytics that will help you understand your success and calculate ROI! Here’s what we added:

  • Reach & Impressions – See how many people have seen your campaign hashtags and content over time
  • Topic cloud – Get an overview of the topics associated with your content
  • Most influential contributors – Easily spot and reach out to influential contributors
  • Posts by location – See how the word about your content spreads across the globe

All analytics can be easily exported into stunning PDF for reports to your clients or management!

Build Comprehensive Content Coverage with Location & Area Search

location for content coverage

Our new geographic content aggregation features gives you completely new ways to aggregate content! You can now add both content by a specific location or by a specific geographic area. Perfect for retail stores, venues, events etc but also if you want to narrow down a search for different use cases.

Want to know how people talk about ice cream in Central Park? Well, now you can 🙂

New plans

To better adapt to your needs, we’ve created new plans. Gone are the DIY & Full service packages, and we welcome:

  • Gem plan
  • Crystal plan
  • Diamond plan

The gem plan is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a powerful social aggregator for your website social hubs or campaign pages.

The crystal plan is our full solution, enabling you to create amazing content experiences, both for web and for displays.

And finally, our diamond plan enables you to create truly unique experiences with our API.

That’s all for now

Just login to your account to see the new features in action. And just reach out to us should you have any questions or need any help!


/The Sparkle team