Hi all!

After some busy weeks of development, we have some new features and improvements for you.

Toggle popup


We’ve had some requests from clients who during events want to highlight certain posts in front of the audience. The use case can be either to announce a winner in a competition or to highlight questions from the audience during a Q&A session. So we’ve solved this for you now.

In the moderate section of your Sparkle account, you now have the option to toggle popup for a certain post. You can even add custom text so that it suits your situation. The popup shows immediately on all screens displaying the Sparkle and stays active until you choose to hide the currently active popup. If you have a series of posts that you want to highlight in a certain order, you can easily go on to the next post that you want to show without disturbing the currently active popup.


Pretty cool right?

Improved analytics

We’ve done some further adjustments to our analytics section. A major step forward is that all graphs are now clickable.


So for example when you click on a date in the reach graph you’ll get a list with the individual contributors that day, sorted by the most influential. Great for getting a better understanding of what’s driving the engagement!

You can also click on certain words in the word cloud etc.

Hide old posts

Another feature requested by a lot of our clients is the ability to hide posts that are older than a certain date. Great if you have an event and want your feed to be clean with just fresh content!


Improved security settings

Last but not least we’ve added many new security fixes for our Facebook at Work integration, including the ability to set a Sparkle as private. We’ve had massive requests for Facebook at Work, we’re thrilled to help you take EGC (Employee Generated Content) to the next level!

That’s all for now, please let us know if you have any feature requests!