The majority of our clients believe that Sparkle is so easy to use that they require no or very little support. But if you are working on a more advanced integration or are looking for on-site support during your event, you may want a helping hand available at your demand. That’s why we today are happy to introduce our white label solution – allowing partners around the globe to help their clients reach success while also growing their business!

Use Sparkle as if it was your own platform

To put it short, our white label solution allows you as a partner to get rid of ALL traces of Sparkle branding. You could even set up your own website promoting your own business – and have it all powered by Sparkle.

white label

When you’ve sold a Sparkle feed to one of your clients, just setup a Sparkle as you would normally do – connect the right sources & adjust the design to their branding. Provide them with an embed code that contains no traceable references to Sparkle and they are ready to go. You can also provide your clients with a URL to the moderation dashboard so that they can decide which content they want to go up on their displays. Again, without seeing one mark of the Sparkle branding.

Our solution even allows you to power event displays for your customers. Simply setup a Sparkle and enable realtime updates before your clients event starts. Perfect if you’re looking to provide a turn-key event solutions for your clients and need a powerful social display solution.

We’re very excited to start rolling out this to our partners and see new amazing UGC-experiences across the globe!.

Interested to join? Please use our contact form to set up a chat!