Sparkles Enable EVRY To

Connect their employees
and offices around the world
Achieve a more dynamic homepage
and highlight inter-regional
Save time
through automating internal news feed update








”Sparkle’s developers listen to our comments and are responsive to our wishes.”– Dagfinn Fjelddalen, VP web and digital channels, EVRY


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EVRY Presented Two Challenges

EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordics with over 10,000 employees. With that, their offices are spread across nine different countries, from India to Norway. They presented two main challenges for Sparkle to solve:

  1. A need to upgrade their web. They wanted the site to be closely integrated with their social media communication while having a modern and dynamic feel.
  2. Strengthen the connection between their employees globally. EVRY wanted to use the news feed Workplace by Facebook on offices’ internal screens around the world.

Sparkle Helps EVRY Connect Their Employees In Nine Different Countries

By integrating Sparkle with Workplace by Facebook, EVRY can now visualize and share information. At the Oslo head office, 34 screens show the daily work life from their global offices. The moderation function in Sparkle lets EVRY choose posts to be shown and ensures that nothing confidential is leaked. Thanks to this simple digital solution, a new bond has been created between the head office in Oslo and employees in nine countries.

A More Dynamic Web With The Content Of EVRY’s Choice.

With Sparkle, EVRY can now view pictures and content, about themselves or related subjects created by others. They can now tailor content from several different social media channels to be shown with a design suitable for the brand. According to EVRY, Sparkle’s flexibility is seen nowhere else.


“We are working on developing a news page on our external website where Sparkle will be an important element. Additionally, we arrange many customer events, conferences and recruitment events where we expect to use Sparkle to collect the participants’ communication in social channels.”- Dagfinn Fjelddalen, VP web and digital channels, EVRY

Dagfinn Fjelddalen, VP web and digital channels EVRY

Dagfinn Fjelddalen, VP web and digital channels EVRY

Automation Saves Time

Prior to Sparkles, EVRY had to do everything themselves through PDF-documents or Microsoft Power Point slides. Also, integrating tweets is now simple and easily moderated compared to before.

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