Real-time audience engagement for maximum experience

Collect 4x more user-generated content while interacting with your audience.  Visualise their content on event displays wherever you want, building an enchanting experience.

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Live Feed from everyone

With just $199, your Sparkle can fetch new posts within seconds after it's been published. Create a live photo display wall from your audience's social feed.

Personalised look

It has never been easier to customise a display to fit your event's theme. With customisable CSS and attractive templates for fuss-free designing, you can easily tweak the look of your Sparkle to look like your own. 

Keeping it moderated

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Wherever your audience is posting their content, Sparkle is bound to capture it. Curate your event display with photos from 10+ social network sources with a powerful yet simple moderation system.

Anyone can do it

No installation or extra steps. Get your Sparkle live in minutes by adding a simple embed code. Control it from your mobile device on the go.

Mobile. Event page. Displays

Showoff your user-generated content anywhere you want to! Sparkle's responsive design allows you to display across various platforms.

Analyze on the go

Who says organisers can't have fun at their own events? View real-time analytics to optimise your event performance for maximum audience engagement.

Create a photo display wall for your event today.

What the experts think

"Sparkle provided us with a flexible yet affordable alternative to our self-made software. We were in need of more complex screen setups that were not quite possible out of the box, leaving API usage aside. Moreover, we were able to provide input and feedback to the Sparkle developers which was always taken seriously."

Marcel Gwerder

Energy Switzerland