Visualize the love from your fans to drive engagement and increase sale

Easily collect, curate and up-cycle Instagram content. Showcase it wherever your potential customers meet your brand. Get an expanded follower base, increased reach and more conversions. 


Synergise owned and earned content 

Mix and combine content from multiple platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter feeds and more, with hashtags and geographical tags.


Remarkably simple set-up

By simply embedding a short code in your website or URL, watch your Sparkle social feed come alive in seconds.


Showoff your best profile

Powerful inbuilt filters and moderation options block out negative posts. This puts you in the spotlight while sending out a consistent and brand-aligned message.

Sharing is caring

Boost content reach by adding social sharing buttons for visitors to repost and upcycle your user-generated content, increasing its value.

Straight to the shopping cart

Convert visitors to customers through photo shopping. With Call-To-Action buttons, navigate your web visitors to conversion pages directly, creating a seamless transition.

There's no need to regram Instagram with Sparkle around.

No one convinces better than our customers

" I love how easy it is to setup and integrate a sparkle. Just setup a hashtag for instagram to keep up, setup the moderation and implement on your site! Sparkle allows you to moderate your feed to exclude (e.g. competitor's or spam accounts). The biggest benefit was that we got a quick view of our customer base and their actions on instagram!"

Michiel Belder

Online Marketer | Body & Fit