All plans include 14 days free trial.

Best-in-class software for putting user generated content at the heart of your marketing. Change plans or cancel at any time.

Annual plans Monthly plans

Gem plan

$39Per month - Billed annually
  • The perfect solution for social hubs on websites and campaign landing pages
  • 2 sources
  • 3 hour update times
  • No Sparkle watermark
  • Web themes
  • Basic moderation

Crystal plan

$199Per month - Billed annually
  • Bring curated social content to screens and websites with our premium themes
  • 10 sources
  • 30 minutes update time
  • No Sparkle watermark
  • Web themes
  • Basic moderation
  • Pre-approval moderation
  • Display themes
  • Custom CSS
  • Analytics

Diamond plan

  • Create unique experiences with our API and a customized solution for your needs
  • Custom sources
  • Custom update times
  • No Sparkle watermark
  • Web themes
  • Basic moderation
  • Pre-approval moderation
  • Display themes
  • Custom CSS
  • Analytics
  • API access

Event plan

$199Event day
  • The perfect realtime solution with amazing themes for your one off event
  • 5 sources
  • 14 day access to Sparkle
  • Realtime updates
  • No Sparkle watermark
  • Web themes
  • Basic moderation
  • Pre-approval moderation
  • Display themes
  • Custom CSS
  • Analytics

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Gem & Crystal FAQ

Event package FAQ

What is a source?

A source is a stream of content that you can add to your Sparkles. One source could be to collect all the posts from a hashtag on Instagram, another one could be to stream all the tweets from a Twitter user and a third one could be a RSS feed.

Can I upgrade the number of sources included in my plan?

Yes, of course! When you first upgrade your account from trail to paid account you’ll get the option to choose how many sources you want to add to your account. An additional source costs from 25 USD per month.

How many Sparkles can I have?

All of our plans include an unlimited number of Sparkles. Instead, everything is based on the number of sources that you add to each of your Sparkle. So with an account that has 10 sources, you can for example either have 5 different Sparkles with 2 sources each or 2 different Sparkles with 5 sources each. This means that one plan can cover all your needs – a social hub on your website, competition collections on landing pages, a social display in your office and a hub on your intranet for employee advocacy.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. You can start a free trial for any of our plans. There are some restrictions to our trial accounts: content is updated once per day, you can add no more than 10 sources and a watermark will appear if you embed the Sparkle or display it in full screen mode. These limitations will of course disappear as soon as you have upgraded your account.

Can you help me customize my Sparkle?

Of course! Our skilled in-house agency team can offer their expertise in customizing your Sparkle to ANYTHING you like. Our Crystal plan includes 2 hours design and customization consultation. If you want you can purchase additional help for 95 USD per hour. We promise to deliver exactly the experience your looking for, even with tight deadlines.

How can I pay for my Sparkle account?

For mutual convenience and ease of handling, we prefer credit card payments for all plans. However, we do accept wire transfers for our Full Service Plan as well as if you pay 12 months up-front for our Gem plan.

How long are your contracts?

Except for our event package, all of our plans are monthly recurring. If you sign up for our yearly plan, you’ll receive a 10 % discount. You can cancel at any point by sending an e-mail to

How do I cancel my paid plan?

When you are logged in, go to the subscription page under your account settings and click the cancel subscription button. One of our success managers will reach out to confirm your cancellation. You will have access to your Sparkle account until the end of your current billing period. Please note that all your collected posts and Sparkles will be deleted once your current billing period runs out.

How does the event package work?

Our event package is the perfect solution for your one-off event! It gives you one week full access to Sparkle so you have plenty of time to get setup well in advance of your event. The plan includes a 24 hour token to activate real time updates once your event starts. Simply activate the real time updates from within your account.

My event is longer than 24 hours, do you offer a solution for that?

Yes, we do. Once you’ve purchased our event package, you can purchase additional 24-hour realtime tokens. Go to your dashboard and click “Enable realtime” where you’ll be presented with the alternative to purchase additional tokens for 149 USD per additional 24 hours.

When should I purchase the event package?

We recommend you to do the following. 1) Start your Sparkle trial about 1 week before your event to become familiar with the interface. 2) Upgrade your account to the event package a couple of days before your event so that you have good time to get set up. Optionally, integrate a social hub on your event or company website to start collecting and displaying posts in advance of the event. 3) Activate the real time updates shortly before your event commences.

Can I host a social hub on my website with the event package?

Yes, you can (and we’d recommend you to do it). Your event package includes 10 sources, so you have plenty of room to run multiple Sparkles.

Will you display any Sparkle branding on my event screen?

No, all Sparkle branding or watermarks is removed as soon as you’ve upgraded your trial account into a paid plan.

How fast will Sparkle collect and display new content?

Once you’ve enabled real-time updates, new posts will be collected in less than one minute from when they’re published. If you’ve enabled full moderation, new posts will be published once they’ve been approved.

Can I control my Sparkle display from my mobile device?

Yes, our interface is fully responsive so that you have full access using any device, including your smartphone and tablets.

Can we have multiple moderators for our Sparkle?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of users and/or moderators for your events. Users have full access to control every aspect of your Sparkle whereas moderators have restricted access only to the moderation panel.

What do I need to display my Sparkle feed?

For most use cases, you simply need to hook up a computer or controlling device to the display where you intend to show your Sparkle and point the browser to your Sparkle URL. Sparkle runs well on all never versions of the major browsers. When using a digital signage solution you may need to take some precautions, please get in touch if you have any questions about this.

Can I have multiple visualizations using one event package?

Yes, you can add as many Sparkles as you’d like using the event package. Which means that if your for instance would like to display the Falling Columns theme on one display and the flip grid theme on another, that’s absolutely possible. Please note however that each 24 hour real time event token will only apply to the Sparkle instance that you apply it to.

What kind of support will I get for my event?

All customers purchasing our event package will get prioritized support, meaning that we’ll make our best to get back to you within 1 hour after you’ve sent your request for help. For more help with customization or instant support, please get in touch to discuss options!