Achieve 3x more customer engagement with social hubs

Get a clear and organised view of content created by your audience from 10+ social networks in one simple and attractive social hub. Its integration with your website encourages social media sharing and interactions. By gathering all their love in a social hub you can get higher engagement numbers, a bigger follower base and increase sales.

Flexible and powerful social hubs. Fit for every occasion. 

Harmonize earned and owned media

Curate and display content from 10+ different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, to create a single social media feed. Cherry pick your posts with inbuilt filters and moderation to show your best side.

Multiply your influence and reach

Achieve up to 500% higher reach for selected posts by adding social sharing buttons. Leverage on your audience's network to increase brand awareness and outreach.

Drive more conversions

Drive conversions as and where you wish by adding customizable Call-To-Action buttons to any post in your social hub. Leading your web visitors straight to your e-commerce store or information pages.

Your brand, your design

Easily customize your social hub to match your brand web seamlessly. Use our beautiful templates or create unique experiences through Sparkle´s CSS options. No developers are required in the setup.

Experience the magic of user-generated content with Sparkle.

Hear it from our fans

" With Sparkle, we’re able to connect our community and display the passion that surrounds our brand and our products."

Susanne Skånberg

Marketing and Communication Manager | Saltå Kvarn

" The ease of use and versatility of Sparkle makes it very simple to integrate into webpages, info screens and the intranet."

Dagfinn Fjelddalen

VP, Web and digital channels | EVRY